Pesky Passes; Olson to Minors; Baseball Facts

Garrett Olson is headed back to Buffalo after clearing waivers today, Olson played in one game, and only pitched 0.1 innings, but managed to give up 3 hits, a walk, and 4 earned runs, giving him a whopping 108.00 ERA.

Yesterday we lost one of the greatest baseball legends, who was a legend on and off the field, always finding time to devote himself to baseball. Johnny Pesky passed away at 91 yesterday, leaving behind an amazing legacy. He appeared in 1270 games, stepped up to the plate 4745 times, and ended his career with a .307 batting average. R.I.P Johnny.

I also thought I would throw in a couple of facts from this day in baseball history, so here they are:

1888 – Tim Keefe’s 19 game winning streak is snapped when the White Stockings defeat the Giants 4-2 at Polo Grounds.

1919 – The Cubs and Dodgers finish a double header in only 2 hours and 17 minutes, in the first game the Cubs beat the Dodgers 2-0, and in the second game the Dodgers are defeated be Chicago, 1-0.

1933 – Jimmy Foxx hits for the cycle and bats in 9 runs in a game against Cleveland, a record that still stands today.

1958 – Vic Power, who would only steal 3 bases this season, steals home twice in one game, a feat that hadn’t been accomplished for 70 years.

1960 – Mickey Mantle is booed by Yankee Stadium fans and benched by Casey Stengel for not running out a routine ground ball.

1962 – Al Jackson pitches 215 pitches for the Mets in a 15 inning loss, he lost the game despite only giving up 6 hits.

1982 – With 12,365, Pete Rose passes Hank Aaron in plate appearances.

1987 – Mark McGwire hits his 39th home run, breaking the record for most home runs by a rookie in a season.

2004 –      The Florida State Leagues’s Daytona Cubs will be forced to shift their home games into away contests as Hurricane Charley causes extensive damage to their historic ballpark. The facility, which was built in 1914 and renamed for Jackie Robinson to commemorate the site where the future Hall of Famer and civil rights advocate played his first exhibition game with the Montreal Royals, was also damaged by Hurricane Donna (1966) and Hurricane Floyd (1999).     

2007 – Bobby Cox is ejected for the 132nd time in his career – marking a record.

2007 – Phil Rizzuto passes away

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You forgot to mention that August 14, is the birthday of my favorite player of all time-Mark ‘The Bird’ Fidrych. If you research what he did for baseball during the 1976 season, you’ll be amazed….I also just did a post about him!

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