Why Baseball Should Be In The London 2012 Olympics

Baseball is not being featured on the Olympic program this year, and a lot of people are upset over it. Baseball should obviously be an Olympic sport and they decided to vote t off the program….Heres why it SHOULD be an Olympic sport.

Just a little history of baseball at the Olympic games; baseball started as a demonstration sport at the 1912 Stockholm Olympics, and was also a demonstration sport at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, the 1956 Melbourne Olympics, the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles,, and the 1988 Seoul games. It was officially declared an Olympic sport for the 1992 games. In 2005, the Olympic Comitee
 decided that that baseball would not be in the 2012 Olympics, and in 2009 decided it would not be featured in the 2016 Olympics either. They have appealed to be in the 2020 Olympics.

Heres one of many reasons baseball should be in the Olympics:
Amateur prospects would not get recognized representing their country if they don’t get international recognization like this. Think of Aroldis Chapman and Yeonis Cespedes; they were unknown and probably wouldn’t have been recognized if not for the Olympics.

Baseball was scratched from the program for being “too American”… This is just plain dumb. In so many ways. How many countries have professional players come from? How many countries are part of their respective baseball federations? To give you a view about this, Bhutan, the Marshall Islands, Tonga, and Palau fall into this catergory…not very populated countries, and some you may not have heard of, but they ALL play baseball.

Heres another reason; the number of teams currently ranked by the IBAF, the International Baseball Federation, is 76 teams. The number of teams currently ranked by the IIHF, the International Ice Hockey Federation, is 49, and ice hockey is an Olympic sport. Im not trying to say ice hockey shouldn’t be a sport; rather that baseball should be.

Another reason they Olympic Committee decided to vote out baseball was because the MLB will not pause their season for their players to compete in the Olympics. The MiLB does, though, and just because one league will not pause their season, doesn’t mean other Japanese, Cuban, and European leagues that ARE willing to pause their season should not be able to compete in these Olympics.

The success of the World Baseball Classic is also another reason; millions; even billions of fans crowded around their TVs to watch their nations compete. The success of the WBC shows that baseball draws the attendance and has the popularity to be an Olympic Sport.

I think all these reasons provide a good argument for why baseball should be in the Olympics, and hopefully the Committee will reconsider.


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I agree, Austin. I would love to see baseball back in the Olympics. They would also need to show the games on TV more, too, if they did. Trying to find the games and watch them was a challenge. One of my most prized possessions as a kid was the 1984 USA Olympic Team set featured in the ’85 Topps series. I also loved watching Jim Abbott, one of my all-time favorites, compete back in 1988.

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