RA Dickey

Yes, I know Matt Cain threw a perfect game. But how about RA Dickey? If David Wright wasn’t trying to be fancy and bearhand BJ Upton’s ground ball in the first, RA Dickey could’ve had the second no hitter in Mets’ history and the second in 12 days. I don’t how this was called a hit, even though it was an obvious error. But, the Mets are appealing the call. (http://newyork.mets.mlb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20120613&content_id=33270526&vkey=news_nym&c_id=nym)  This can teach us all to use our glove and make the safe play. Don’t try to be fancy! If the appeal goes in the Mets’ favor, then Dickey will have thrown the second Mets’ no-no in 12 days. But, don’t focus on Wright. Dickey still pitched an amazing game.

RA Dickey has been all around the minors during his long career. He has played for the Charlotte Rangers, Oklahoma RedHawks, Tulsa Drillers, Frisco RoughRiders, Nashville Sounds, Tacoma Rainiers, Rochester Red Wings, and of course, the Buffalo Bisons. He was on the Oklahoma RedHawks from 1999-2003 and from 2005-2006. That means he spent 7 out of 8 years on the same AAA team. The only thing keeping the 37 year old in the game is his spectacular 80 mph knuckleball. That is the fastest knuckleball speed that I’ve ever heard of. The Mets are really his first full-time Major League team even though he had brief stints with the Texas Rangers, Seattle Mariners, and Minnesota Twins. And he made the team when he was 36. Imagine how dedicated someone must be to pitch in the same orginaztion for 10 years and keep going at it to try and make it to the big leagues.

Dickey recently wrote a book too. You can buy it here: http://www.amazon.com/Wherever-Wind-Up-Authenticity-Knuckleball/dp/0399158154/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1339690608&sr=8-1&keywords=ra+dickey



I hope the appeal goes his way, but if bonehead Bud wouldn’t reverse the call a few years ago for Armando Gallharaga’s(sp?) ‘im’perfect game, I’m not sure what it would take for MLB to do the right thing. Then again, if they change this for the better for Dickey, are they supposed to go back and look at the ‘foul’ ball in Santana’s game?

That’s what I was thinking of. If he didn’t reverse the perfect game call then this one wasn’t going to be reversed either. But with the foul ball call, I think they didn’t appeal that because it would be taking away a no-hitter. If I were Dickey, I wouldn’t want the call reversed because I wouldn’t consider it an “official” no-hitter.

Great Entry! I just got around to read this and I wrote a similar entry about the Perfect game.

Gah. I keep forgetting to get this book. Even though Dickey has been less kind to fans in recent years, he seems like a nice guy away from the field, and I want to see if anything in this book explains that. Also, my former english teacher (whose name is ironically Ms. English after a recent marriage) recommended the book to me.

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