Broken Bats

So, today my dad made me get my broken baseball bats in some kind of order, which was greatly needed. I took the opportunity to write a post about how many bats I have, because, not only do I collect baseballs, I collect bats, and other items too.


Mike Hessman and Dan Murphy bats.


My collection of bats.


My Ruben Tejada bat.


Mike Jacobs and Chris Carter’s bats.


Two unmarked bats I got in Syracuse.


Cory Sullivan and Fernando Martinez bats


Daniel Murphy signed bat, and Wilkin Ramirez bat

Josh Satin signed bat, and Juan Miranda bat.

Josh Thole signed bat that says "To Austin, Best Wishes, -Josh Thole" and Justin Maxwell bat.

Mike Jacobs and Russ Adams bats


Austin is good at getting bats….Danny and I, not so much. Danny has 3 and I have 1.

I’m going to try in Trenton this year.

Cool! I hope you get some! Is there a easy way to look into the dugout and ask the players/managers for the bats?

Yes! The stadium was basically built for ballhawks and autograph collectors. i don’t feel like telling you so I will just write a entry about it now.

Okay, sounds good. I’ll make sure to read and comment on it!

Thats a huge collection of bats, where did you get them all?

He got them at games.

Wow that is pretty awesome.

Yeah it is. Austin has been to tons of games and it shows with how many bats. He has season tickets for the Bisons games too. I only have 1 bat, which I got after the game.

One is still pretty good. I dont have any game used bats.

Do you have any Minor League teams where you live?

I live in a suburb of Indianapolis. Just about 20 minutes away from downtown. There is an AAA team called the Indians who are affiliated with the Pirates.

They face the Bisons 8 times a year. There the Indinapolis Indians. Pretty cool. Do you ever go to games?

Not really even though I live so close, I only go to about 1 or 2 games a year. Some how even though there is no MLB team near me, I go to more MLB games a year than Indians games.

Wow… Minor League games are really fun! I go to over 20 a year. It’s really easy to get baseballs there. It’s sort of easy to get bats too. They only give them out if they are broken. The Indians face the Reds Triple-A team, the Louisville Bats a lot! You should go to some more considering that you are a Reds fan.

Ya I should, the games are pretty fun, my family is just busy with baseball all summer, so sometimes it is hard to go. How do you get bats so easily? Will they just toss them into the crowd if they are broken?

I’ve only tried getting one once and I got it. All you have to do is watch if a player breaks his bat during the game or you hear a break. Then, in probaly about the 8th inning, go to the dugout and after the game ends, ask the coaches/ players for the broken bat. Make sure you say broken bat and not just bat because they only give out broken ones. I hear you. I’m busy over the Summer with football, so it’s hard for my family to go to games too.

Ya I have Middle School Baseball, then Rec baseball, then all stars and my brother has Rec and all stars. And my five year old brother just started t-ball.

Sounds crazy. I have football, baseball travel, and rec baseball. My brother has football and soccer and my sister has cheer leading.

That sounds as equally crazy as mine. How many siblings do you have?

2, 1 brother and 1 sister and my dad works on the weekends right when Bisons games are. How many siblings do you have?

I have 2 younger brothers and 1 younger sister. I am the oldest. I am 14, my brothers are 11 and 5. My sister is 4. How old are your siblings?

My brother is 9 and does not like baseball, so that does not really help, my sister is 3, and I’m 12.

Your brother does not like baseball? Wow. So who are Austin and Danny? Are they just your friends or is one of them your brother?

Danny and Austin are the 2 other bloggers on this blog. Where all friends. Danny was friends with Austin through hockey. Austin started this blog and then Danny joined. I sort of knew who Austin was from seeing him and Bisons games. I have been friends with Danny for a while because he lives in my neighborhood. While, back in January, I joined this blog with Austin and Danny. It was weird, the blog was not big until I joined. I’m not saying I’m the reason why it became big, but ever since I joined we have done awesome!

Haha nice, sounds like you guys are good friends.

Yeah, we are, but fight over stupid stuff involving the blog sometimes.

Haha thats part of friendship buddy.

I know. Nice blog you have.

Hey thanks. Yours is better though.

How long have you had your blog?

Since like September of last year, I only wrote 3 posts in September and then I quit. Then someone liked the 3 posts I already had so Im going to blog on it every day now.

Cool! You will get up there soon.

Awesome collection! Maybe you could put them all up on your wall as a display, or something. Or you could probably make some furniture out of all that wood, lol!

So are all of the bats broken, or just the ones you went to get? I really can’t see the cracks in some of the bats if the former is the case.

I love the Thome!

Mateo- I know Austin has a few bats that aren’t broken, but I don’t know the exact number.
Philadelphia45- He doesn’t have a Thome, but if you meant “Thole” I like that one too.
Minoring In Baseball- He has about 10 on display in his room.
To whom it may concern- These pictures really don’t do a good job of showing Austin’s collection. When I first saw them in person I was in awe.

I mean Danny

If you ever want to part with bats that are not broken let me know. Specifically Louisville Slugger I13, C243 or Old Hickory J143 (I think Satin uses that).

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